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Our Training Philosophy

The Barefoot Training philosophy takes the 4 Barefoot programming values and combines them with 4 Barefoot training values to form an unbeatable framework for training success.

All Barefoot training programs are produced within the Barefoot Training Philosophy framework so regardless of whether you are an elite athlete looking at enhancing your performance or if you were just wanting to tone up and look good the detail that goes into your program design leaves no stone unturned in your quest for training success.

The 4 Barefoot Programming Values

• Personalised
• Comprehensive
• Proven
• Measured

The 4 Barefoot Training Values

• Be Goal Focused
• Be Accountable
• Be Honest
• Be Consistent

Our Programs

Barefoot Strength and Conditioning

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Barefoot Composition Training

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In Your Stride

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Barefoot Mobility Training

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